European Association of Software Science and Technology

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Who are we?

EASST is a European non-profit Association that aims at promoting research, development and applications in the area of systematic and rigorous engineering of software and systems.

What are our aims?

Software and Systems Engineering does not receive the public recognition it deserves as one of the most advanced technologies with a great impact on Europe‘s economic and societel prosperity. This is due to a large extent to the low degree of visibility of the community. Especially research is scattered around a rather large number of communities, meetings in different conferences and workshops.

How do you benefit?

When joining us:

  • you enter a larger community and you will help to strengthen a new association that is aiming at a better visibility and recognition of your work.
  • you will benefit from a cross-fertilisation between a number of subcommittees in joint initiatives, meetings and activities.
  • you will have easy access to consolidated information collected from scattered sources.

How to participate?

Membership is for free, though you will need the email address of an existing member to endorse you. Click here to apply online.