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Workshop on Graph Transformation and Concurrency

Workshop on Graph Transformation and Concurrency

An informal workshop, to be held in Leicester on 24 - 26 January 2013, to discuss foundations and applications of concurrency in graph transformation.

Concurrency of controlled graph transformations

Concurrency of controlled graph transformations

Started by Reiko Heckel 2668 days ago Replies (1)

For reasons of expressivity, conciseness of specification, etc. GTS are often augmented with control structures (negative application conditions, programming language-like control structures, priorities, etc). 

  • What does this do to existing concurrency theory? 
  • Do we loose the local, naturally distributed nature of basic GTS?  
  • What kind of control is compatible with concurrency? 
  • What is the relationship between different types of control structures, e.g., can one be encoded by another other?


  • Reiko Heckel 2655 days ago

    Concurrency of Graph Transformations with NACs and Open Maps 

    We study general reflection constraints on matches (formalised categorically via open maps) that are inspired by the definition of matching in kappa. Such constraints, which can be seen as a form kind of negative appplication conditions, are not compatible with the usual notion of concurrency in graph transformation in the sense that, for example, causality becomes context dependent (i.e., swapping independent steps can change the causality of others).

    As for negative application conditions in general, one option is to restrict the expressiveness of the constraints / application condititions to so-called incremental ones represented by patterns that can only be established in one way. We discuss examples of systems that do or don't satisfy this restriction, and their resulting concurrency properties.


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