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Workshop on Graph Transformation and Concurrency

Workshop on Graph Transformation and Concurrency

An informal workshop, to be held in Leicester on 24 - 26 January 2013, to discuss foundations and applications of concurrency in graph transformation.

Concurrent programming

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Concurrent programming

Started by Reiko Heckel 2668 days ago Replies (1)

GT models are executable, and with their natural model of concurrency they may be more suitable for programming concurrent systems (e.g., based on multicore/multiprocessor/distributed architectures) than traditional programming languages.

  • What are the relevant platforms for which such an approach could be beneficial?
  • What are the requirements for a language to support programming such platforms?
  • Will such platform concepts have to be lifted into the language, e.g., providing specific synchronisation constructs?
  • Can the language be platform independent, for the specialisation to be left to a compiler?


  • Reiko Heckel 2655 days ago

    To refine the questions above, I can see several ways to develop such a theme. One could target (1) a specific hardware platform, (2) a programming langauge known to compile to one or more platforms of interest, or (3) develop a conceptual model of a platform to address the relevant research questions without committing to a particular technology.

    More immediately, what are the multicore/multiprocessor/distributed architectures that are relevant an challenging today, and which woudl make interesting targets?



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