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  • FASE Steering Committee

    Last updated 1203 days ago by Gabriele Taentzer
    The role of the Steering Committee is to provide institutional memory, oversight, and strategic guidance for the FASE Conference series. 1. Responsibilities The responsibilities of the Steering Committee include: selecting the PC...
  • FASE Charter

    Last updated 3031 days ago by Reiko Heckel
    The organization of the FASE Conferences is subject to certain rules and guidelines presented in the FASE Charter. Preamble At the meeting of the Board of the European Association for Software Science and Technology (EASST) in April 2004 in...
  • Previous installments of FASE

    Last updated 1203 days ago by Gabriele Taentzer
    The following table lists past and future editions with their details. Webpages Location and dates PC Chair(s) Invited Speaker Proceedings PapersAccepted/ Submitted FASE'18@ETAPS'18 Thessaloniki, Greece,14 - 20 April...
  • Program

    Last updated 3162 days ago by Administrator
    This is preliminary and will be updated as needed. Thursday  14:00 Introductions and Planning 16:00 Verification of GT models 19:00 Dinner (let me know if you would like to join) Friday 9:30 Model Transformations 11:00...
  • Practical Information

    Last updated 3165 days ago by Reiko Heckel
    The workshop will take place in the David Wilson Library, First Floor Library Seminar Room (DW LIB SR), starting Thursday 24/01, 2pm and finishing Saturday 26/01, 12pm.    For maps and travel information, see here. See the map of the...
  • Previous and future instalments of ICGT

    Last updated 1897 days ago by Reiko Heckel
    The conference has been held bi-annually until 2014, and is now held annually in early early-mid July as part of the STAF multiconference.