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Since 2001, ETAPS, ICGT, IDPT, and FMICS have qualified for EASST best paper awards. 


  • 2009 (York UK): Kelly Androutsopoulos, David Clark, Mark Harman, Zheng Li, and Laurence Tratt: Control Dependence for Extended Finite State Machines, LNCS
  • 2008 (Budapest, Hungary): Ken L. McMillanr: Quantified Invariant Generation using an Interpolating Saturation Prover, LNCS
  • 2007 (Braga, Portugal): Marcelo F. Frias, Carlos G. Lopez Pombo, Mariano M. Moscato: Alloy Analyzer+PVS in the Analysis and Verification of Alloy Specifications, LNCS
  • 2006 (Vienna, Austria): Dominic Cooney, Marlon Dumas, and Paul Roe: GPSL: A Programming Language for Service Implementation, LNCS
  • 2005 (Edinburgh, Scotland): David A. Naumann: Observational Purity and Encapsulation, LNCS
  • 2004 (Barcelona, Spain): Marieke Huisman, Dilian Gurov, Christoph Sprenger and Gennady Chugunov: Checking Absence of Illicit Applet Interactions: A Case Study, LNCS
  • 2003 (Warsaw, Poland): David Scott, Alastair Beresford and Alan Mycroft: Spatial Security policies for Mobile Agents in a Sentient Computing Environment, LNCS
  • 2002 (Grenoble, France): K. Havelund, G. Rosu (NASA Ames Research Center): Synthesizing Monitors for Safety Properties, LNCS
  • 2001 (Genova, Italy): E. Gunter, A. Muscholl and D. Peled: Compositional Message Sequence Diagrams, LNCS


  • 2012: Nicolas Ayache, Roberto Amadio and Yann Regis-Gianas: Certifying and Reasoning on Cost Annotations in C Programs
  • 2011: Thomas Reinbacher, Joerg Brauer, Martin Horauer, Andreas Steininger and Stefan Kowalewski: Past Time LTL Runtime Verification for Microcontroller Binary Code
  • 2010: Alessio Ferrari, Alessandro Fantechi, Daniele Grasso and Gianluca Magnani: The Metro Rio ATP Case Study
  • 2009: José Bacelar Almeida, Manuel Barbosa, Jorge Sousa Pinto and Bárbara Vieira: Correctness With Respect to Reference Implementations, ENTCS
  • 2008: Bernard van Gastel, Leonard Lensink, Sjaak Smetsers, and Marko van Eekelen: Reentrant Readers-Writers a Case Study Combining Model Checking with Theorem Proving, ENTCS
  • 2007: Robert Palmer, Michael DeLisi, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, and Robert M. Kirby: An Approach to Formalization and Analysis of Message Passing Libraries, ENTCS
  • 2006: Michael Weber and Moritz Hammer for their paper: "To Store or Not To Store" Reloaded: Reclaiming Memory on Demand, ENTCS
  • 2004: Martin Fränzle, and Christian Herde: Efficient Proof engines for bounded model checking of hybrid systems, ENTCS 
  • 2003: Stefan Blom and Simona Orzan: Distributed State Space Minimization, ENTCSand  Paul Ziemann and Martin Gogolla, Validating OCL Specifications with the USE Tool - An Example Based on the BART Case Study, ENTCS


  • 2012: 
  • 2010: Juan de Lara, Esther Guerra, Artur Boronat, Reiko Heckel, Paolo Torrini: Graph Transformation for Domain-Specific Discrete Event Time Simulation, LNCS
  • 2008: J. de Lara and E. Guerra for their paper on: Pattern-based Model-to-Model Transformation, LNCS
  • 2006: K. Ehrig, R. Heckel, and G. Lajios: Molecular Analysis of Metabolic Pathway with Graph Transformation, LNCS
  • 2004: S.M. Becker, S. Lohmann, and B. Westfechtel: Rule Execution in Graph-Based Incremental Interactive Integration Tools, LNCS
  • 2002: Bardohl, R., Ermel, C. and Padberg, J.: Transforming Specification Architectures by GenGED, LNCS


  • 2002: Asuman Sünbül (Kestrel Institute, Berkeley, California): Specifying Components for NEST applications, IDPS