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Every year, the “ETAPS EASST Award” is presented to the best ETAPS paper related to thesystematic and rigorous engineering of software and systems, or more generally to the scope of the association.

Each programme committee of ETAPS (CC, ESOP, FASE, FOSSACS, TACAS) is eligible to nominate up to two papers among their respective accepted papers.

The PC chairs are required to provide for each nomination

  • the submitted paper,
  • the review reports, and
  • a few lines explaining the reasons of the nomination

to the EASST Board member in charge of the ETAPS EASST Award (currently Maura Cerioli:

Nomination Deadline : one week after the ETAPS paper acceptance notification. 

The same paper may be nominated for several awards (also EATCS or EAPLS award). 
In this case, the PC chair is kindly asked to indicate it, and also what award seems the most appropriate given the topic of the paper and the scope of each association.

The EASST Board member in charge of the ETAPS EASST Award organises the selection of the best paper by the members of the EASST Board.

The award is presented to the winning author(s) during the ETAPS banquet.

Extended abstracts (up to 4 pages) of the winning paper and of all the nominated papers are published in the first EASST Newsletter that follows the ETAPS conference.  

The PC Chair is responsible to deliver the nominated abstracts in a timely manner.